3 common helpdesk requests relate to Teams for the beginning for this school year

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  1. Fail to share the content with M1 chips ( Big Sur 11.4)

There is a compatibility issue with the M1 chips Mac (Big Sur 11.4) to share the screen content from Teams. This issue is confirm with Microsoft which can solved for the latest version v1.4.00.17972 which never release yet.

When you share the screen, you will get an error like the screenshot below and ask you to install the driver before you share the content.

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Here is the temporary solution to fix the problem.

   A. Manually install the Driver from the link below and reboot Teams application:


  B. Downgrade the Teams client to from the link below:



2. Fail to share the content from Teams as the software haven’t grant the permission from Mac.

When you install the Mac, there will be a pop-up windows will come out and ask you to grant the permission for the software. We found that if you forget to grant the permission start from beginning. The pop-up windows won’t come out again so teacher will fail to share their screen no matter how.

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You will need to manually go to System Preferences and perform the following steps. Click the “Open System Preferences” button > Click “Privacy” tab > Select “Screen Recording” > Click the lock to make changes > Check the box next to Microsoft Teams as illustrated below:

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   3. Activate your Teams.

We receive couple help desk ticket this school year and ask help from teacher that their students can’t see the Teams from their end. This is cause by we create all the Teams from School data Sync. If your school maintain all the Teams like this way, the Teams will only show on Teacher’s end after we create it. Teacher need to make sure the activate your Teams before you use it. This is just one time deal, you can activate your Teams like the screenshot below and student can see the Teams until you activate it.

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