Adding External Tiles to the Office365 Waffle

If you have use Office 365, you may always access to OWA site instead of login to each single app client to start your work. Office 365 OWA site have a Waffle icon on top left so that we can easier to access different app in the same page. Email, Calendar, Sharepoint, Onenote and all kinds of default Office app can find on waffle.

As the teacher frequently using office 365 so if we can also add all external school web service into Waffle, we can let teacher to easily find all the Education resources in one place.

It is very easy to add external tiles into Waffle but you must login to Office 365 administrator account first. Click into the Admin icon to access to the Admin page.

Expand “setting” icon and lick into “organization profile” icon.

Click into “Add custom tiles for your organization” and add a new custom logo if you need

Add the tile depend on what you need to add into your waffle and click save.

The following page show what does the waffle look like after you add external service inside. If the end user need to frequently access to the external service, I suggest you to send out an email and ask them to Pin the icon into Home so that they can even more easily to find to icon from waffle.