Create Alias on Desktop for your OneDrive

Create Alias on Desktop for your OneDrive

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Many people like to organize things on their desktop instead of dragging or saving their files into OneDrive folder. The following method will let you create what are called folder alias’s on your desktop. This can help you have a very organized OneDrive folder manage with your Mac.

An alias is an icon copy representing the same folder on the OneDrive. You put the alias on your desktop, but it actually points to the same folder in your OneDrive and automatically puts it in OneDrive instead of you hunting for it. For OneDrive it’s helpful to create some folders in the OneDrive folder on your Mac, then put an aliases on your desktop for quick access. Then you can routinely save things to those folders on your desktop or you can drag them in and sort them.

  1. Open Finder. Look for the OneDrive folder.

2. Now open on the OneDrive folder.

3. From the File menu, make a folder inside OneDrive folder. Give it a specific name. In this example below, we went to File> Create a New Folder and gave it a name.

4. Now right click on the folder you just created and select Make an alias. Notice that a copy of the folder is made with a small arrow on it. Notice in the example there is now alias right underneath the original.

5. Drag that alias version of the folder onto your desktop. Confirm the alias is now on your desktop and the original is still in your OneDrive folder.

6. Go back into the OneDrive folder. Create a folder for Math, English and as many other topics as you would like. For each one, right click on it and Make Alias. Students can create a folder for each class. Faculty and staff might have one for each subject they teach etc.

7. From now on save your files into these folders or periodically drag things into them. They will automatically be saved to OneDrive in the cloud. Additionally, Microsoft files, like Word, Excel, Powerpoint will also save versions of your files. This means you can step back in time and get a version from months ago if you need to.


Tips: It’s very important for everyone to setup their Onedrive client to backup their data into could. In this case, IT don’t need to in charge of their data anymore. It will automatically backup from the back end.