How to change the default time zone and language for your owa

We have a funny issue just help our teacher to solve yesterday and he told me that no sure why the date is incorrect for his calendar when he send an event out to someone. No matter how, the timing is incorrect.

Well, this is a very simple problem and some end user will have the similar issue. This problem is cause by when it is the first time they login to the outlook owa, the just skip all the guide windows and leave the default language and time zone set as default. So some one’s owa login page will show a language which they do not familiar with or the time zone is incorrect.

It’s very easy to solve this problem but you need to find the place to change the setting. The first step is login to owa and access to your outlook page like below:

Then click the little gear icon on right hand side and select mail.

Click into General and choose the “Region and time zone” then you can change your owa default language and time zone in here.

Noted: Sometime this setting won’t disappear from your browser, pls try to switch another browser or clean up the cookies and you can find this setting again.