How to share a Calendar out

I keep writing articles this week because we have a April break. However, the school will resume next Monday, so start from next week on, I won’t post article as frequently as this week because I need to keep working and learning for all new things. But I will try my best to keep posting all New or good solution we found from our school to everyone (I already have some topic in my mind but need sometime to writing). If you agree that my article is useful, I personally suggest you to scan the QR code below so that you can subscribe this wechat public account. You can get the notification once I post a new article. The topic we willing to share to you is how to share an Office 365 calendar out to everyone, it is very simple so hope you can use it for your school.

sometime we need to build up a global school calendar out to faculty and staff so they can easily check all the events. But how to share this calendar out and let everyone to subscribe it? OK, let me show you how to do it.

First of all, if this calendar is a global calendar and you just want everyone to view it. I personally suggest you to crate this calendar from another special account, not your personally one. But of course if you just want to share your personal calendar to few people, you can directly use your account to do it. Now you should login to web portal and click into Calendar.

Right click then select “New Calendar” and set a name for you new calendar which you want to share to the others.

Click the icon “Share” and select the right calendar you want to share to the others.

Send to the person whom need to subscribe your calendar, if you need to share to a large group user, try to send to a group.

Set the permission for the user who subscribe to your share calendar depends on your need. After all, click “Share”.

This part is very important.  There is an email will send to the calendar subscribe people’s inbox. You must ask them to open this email and click “Accept and view calendar”

After all, you will finish to subscribe this share calendar. Once the owner add any new item in this share calendar, you will also see it from your end.