News for Teams’ Onenote Class Notebook

Microsoft keep release new feature for the Teams and couple days ago they upgrade Teams’ Onenote Class Notebook so we can have the same end user experience compare the standard class notebook with the teams one.

For my pervious article, I did mention that you can change the Onenote Class Notebook setting from Teams and now you can also change the Onenote setting from the owa so click into the Class Notebook item like the screenshot below:

Click the “Manage Notebook” to list all the Class Notebook you have and you can change the setting if you want.

Select the notebook you want to change the setting and you can create a new tab just for the teacher. This setting is disable by default so you need to manually to enable it.

After you enable the Teacher- Only section, you can take a look with your notebook and then you can find there is a new section come out. Only you and the co-owner teacher with this notebook can see this section. Student can not see it.

Go back to the notebook setting page, you can enable lock the collaboration space so that lock the tab and student can not edit it any more.

Or you can select the collaboration space permission and change the permission base on each student account.

You can decide let every kid just have the read permission for collaboration  space or just select the some student to disable their modify permission for collaboration space.

Now, Microsoft enable the parent links for the notebook. You can click the link like the screenshot below:

you can choose to send the parent link one by one or generate a link for all student and let their parent to talk a look. This link just have the read permission.