Polly-Teams Simple Survey Tool

Office 365 Forms and SurveyMonkey are the most famous and powerful survey tool in the world. But today I want to introduce another survey tool can add into Teams. It called Polly. Polly is not so powerful but it is very easy to use it. Sometime if we just want to do some unofficial survey. Polly is one of the most easy way to do it.

Before we start to use it, we have to install the app to our Teams first. This is a third part app so you have to manually add into Teams. Like what I mention from my previous post, Team not only can add most of O365 app into one place, it also can work with different kinds of third part app.

OK, Let start. The first step you should do is click into View teams and then select discover Bots.

Then you should find the Polly app and double click with it.

Click the Add icon and you can also see what Polly can do for you.

That is all for install the Polly. Is it simple enough for teacher add it by themselves. OK, now let me make a sample to show how Polly work. When you click into the conversation tab, you can use the following way to make the Polly work for you.

@polly Where do you want to travel this summer? Taiwan, Japan,US .

@polly Where do you want to travel this summer? / Taiwan / Japan / IS .

@polly “Where do you want to travel this summer?” “Taiwan” “Japan” “US” .

Noted:  You have to add at least 2 options, and at most 5 options. The end user could not select multiples answer for this moment.  

Everyone in this Teams can see what you post from Polly. And they can easily select their answer. The survey result will also update it at once so everyone can see the result.

Polly is not a very powerful survey tool but if we just want to make some simple survey. Why not try to use it. This is the cool things for Teams. It’s free.