Rules we set for exchange

Rules we set for exchange

Lots of messages discuss from Wechat to talk about different kinds of rules we can set from Exchange. So I list some useful rules in my mind which used from our school.

Restrict to send email message from specified group

Noted: This rules is fit for when you want to control sending email to someone or one of the email group only allow specified group you set from your rules.

  1. Open exchange online admin center recipients groups select the group you want to limited use to send the email.

2. Click delivery management and add the group you want to allow to send email to this email address.

Maximum recipients and message size set for sender

Noted: this setting only available on Exchange on-premises server, we confirm that the online version could set the rule like this way. So you have to have a hybrid exchange deploy from your school and the email account you want to set for the rule should host on your end.

  1. Open exchange admin center recipientsmailboxes edit

2. Click mailbox features view details

3. Set the Recipient limit

4. Click view details

5. Set the send and receive message size.

Hide email address from Address book

  1. Open this user’s account in admin center and then click mail settings and then click exchange properties.

2. Check option Hide from address lists in general