What’s Teams?

Hi All, my name is James and I am the IT Manager of American International School of Guangzhou. I will like to keep posting some of my ideas about the technology in my life. I have work for AISG almost 9 years and we are the first group of International school who join the Office 365 from the beginning.  As we know, Office 365 is a every powerful product and it including all kinds of service from the cloud end, just like email, calendar, sharepoint online, onedrive, yammer, groups etc.

I will introduce one of the cool feature and it call Teams. So what is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft team is a digital hub can integrate conversation, file sharing and most kinds of Microsoft or Third part’s app in one place. Office 365 is a cool product and they always will release some cool feature or tools for us to use it. However, we can’t find a place which can include all kinds of his app. What we need to do before is we have to login to office owa page and choose the app one by one. But this issue has changed once the Teams come out.

If you assign Office 365 A3 license, you can get Teams free for use. When you login to teams. The first thing you should do is create your own Teams. There are four options you can choose once you create your own teams.

Classs: Teachers and students collaborating on group project, assignment, and more.

PLCs: Educators collaborating within a professional learning community.

Staff Members: Staff leaders and staff members collaborating on school administration and development.

Anyone: Students and school employees collaborating in interest group and clubs.

I will create a Classes Teams as a sample here. Click into the Classes logo and go forward.

Set a name for your teams and then click Next.

Choose which student and teacher you want to add into this teams. Pls noted that the student will just has the member permission by default but all the teacher will have owner permission if you add them into this Teams. I will explain what’s the different between Member and Owner for my another post later.

You can create a new onenote classnote book from your teams. If you have used onenote class notebook before, you must know that it is a very powerful app. However, you are not allow to add the existing notebook you use before to here. You could just create a new classnote book right now. BUT! I personally found a way to add the notebook to your Teams, if you want to know the detail, PM me pls.

This is the template for the onenote class notebook. Click Next.

You can create some template private session your notebook and click next and you can start to use the onenote class notebook.

There is another cool feature I will introduce in this post. That is we can create assignment from Team. This is also a default Tabs build in Classes Teams.

Teacher can create the assignment base on their request and even can allow you to set the late turn-in allow and Points if you want. As I am not a teacher, so I can’t share too much experience right now.

Microsoft Teams has more cool feature can integrate into one place to use it, I will keep posting all the cool thing from my wechat. Bye for now~